Talent and Culture


Aimia’s success hinges on our talent. Engaged, talented people are Aimia’s heart and soul. We instill social purpose into our culture and strive to create a spirited and fulfilling workplace that builds on our employees’ strengths and powers our company’s performance. This is why Aimia is focused on attracting the best in the business and rewarding them with best-in-class working conditions — competitive salaries, flexible benefits and a unique employment experience.

We’ve formalized our global commitment to health and safety in Aimia’s Code of Ethics, and require all managers and employees to sign off on the Code annually. Various regional and local health and safety policies also apply, complementing the Code.

From subsidies that encourage exercise to flexible work arrangements that strike a better work-life balance, we personalize our approach to each function to reduce stress, support healthy choices and build healthy lives.

Learn more about Life at Aimia and our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion in the dedicated sections of our website.

Nine principles for workplaces that … work

Recognizing that a healthy and pleasant work environment contributes to employee satisfaction, we devote a great deal of thought to our workplaces. We strive to create spaces that are as environmentally sound as they are safe and efficient. Equally important, we design spaces that ignite our people’s creativity and passion. This is, after all, where we expect employees to give their very best. In that spirit, we adopted the following nine principles to inspire all workplaces across Aimia:

1. All together
Dynamic workstation environments foster communication, collaboration and decision-making, supported by better access to conference rooms for private discussion and meetings.

2. Respect for data safety and confidentiality
We balance open and closed spaces, apply clean desk policies and control access.

3. Collaboration
More of our spaces foster client partnership and employee inclusiveness, with a variety of open and private collaboration spaces, including natural “collision zones” and better connections to virtual teams.

4. Right to light
The workplace allows access to natural daylight and views, with natural light penetrating to the building core.

5. Brand and culture
Our workplace designs, design elements and use of technology showcase our strength and success.

6. Wellbeing, health and sustainability
We promote ergonomic design and healthy work habits and take a lifecycle approach to materials, implement recycling, water and energy conservation solutions, and pursuing appropriate green building standards.

7. Communication
Advanced technology throughout our office space supports collaboration, engagement, decision‑making and our brand.

8. Nimbleness
Our workplaces are flexible, mobile and adaptable, to better meet employees’ needs and accommodate growth.

9. Creativity and innovation
We integrate local and national works of art and balance global standards with individual latitude to foster a work environment that inspires creativity and innovation.