Aimia Data Philanthropy Conference

March 8, 2017 – Aimia hosts the annual Data Philanthropy Conference, where Aimia analysts give UK charities tailored advice on how to unlock the power of their data. Research Executives Georgina Collings and Sophia Scragg, from Aimia Intelligent Research, present to a plethora of UK charities on how market research can measure positive change within the people each charity is seeking to help.

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Embracing SMARTER principles

Our research is centred on our five core pillars – we embrace the SMARTER principles in everything we do  being Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely, Ethical and Reliable. We passionately believe this ensures that the research solution we create will fit your needs and give you actionable insight to further your business aims.

As a full service research agency we use both qualitative and quantitative methods.  We make intelligent use of technology such as mobile data collection and passive data collection such as location/time/actions to add even deeper insight to the customer opinions we obtain.


Intelligent Research Product Suite

Our research product suite will help you tackle some of the more frequent research questions you will come across when developing your brands, products and services. Utilising one of the largest research databases in the UK, our solutions can respond quickly and efficiently delivering impactful insights and robust recommendations in answer to your business challenges.

Our SMART products are all delivered via an interactive online portal that allows you to personalise the data view along with an executive summary written by our research team.


The pack can speak volumes for the product it contains and quality you will receive, getting this right is key to success in many markets and industries. The PackSMART solution identifies winning designs, providing you with an understanding of the different aspects of your pack design from industry used KPI’s to shelf standout.


Launching a new product, a new line or repackaging a product is often a big investment for any business that carries with it risks of failure. Keeping it on retailers’ listings requires consistently strong performance.  ProductSMART gives you the ability to make informed decisions to ensure the best chances of success. It will investigate and analyse many aspects of the product from price and quality perceptions to category positioning and future purchase intentions.


Media campaigns can add substantial value to a brand but not all campaigns perform equally, CampaignSMART provides you with a view of brand uplift. It will drive understanding of the brand funnel, reveal indicators of brand performance and image along with uncovering consumer behaviour triggered by the campaign.


Our weekly omnibus collects feedback from 2000 unique nationally representative customers each week, covering many subjects requested by a variety of clients. If you would like to include a question/questions on the omnibus please contact us via the contact form, we can offer advice on how to optimise your questions and book you onto the survey.

Eye-Tracking Panel

Powered by Aimia:Lumen: just because your digital ads CAN be seen, doesn't mean that they WILL be seen. Our panel uses Aimia:Lumen's eye tracking technology to help brands understand what people actually look at - and what they ignore. The solution provides robust, behavioural insight to drive creative pre-testing, campaign tracking and media pricing across platforms.


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