Finding Big Profits in the Age of Big Data – Unlocking Enterprise Potential of Behavioral Segmentation
With the rise of big data, segmentation has become more important to company growth strategies and the bottom line. However, many companies have not unlocked their full potential by doing the right types of analysis. TRIPPS, our revolutionary segmentation solution, automates the creation and deployment of customer segments and key metrics so they can be developed much faster and inexpensively.

Retail Brief: Loyalty Economics For Retailers
Today, of course, the path to purchase is radically different. Consumers shop where they want, how they want and when they want, often with mobile device firmly in hand.

Retail Brief: Reigniting Your Retail Loyalty Program
As anyone in a long-term relationship can attest, you have to work hard to keep that special spark burning. In this brief you’ll learn five actions you can take to reignite your retail loyalty program and keep your best customers engaged.

Insights: 5 Ways Technology Can Build Real Relationships
In this edition of Insights, we explore the impact of technology on customer loyalty where the onus is now on marketers to add the human factor to their technology platforms to build real relationships with their best customers.

Retail Brief: Seize Opportunity In Customer Loyalty
The term “inflection point” has multiple definitions. However, they all describe a moment at which our fortunes change — and in many cases, we can’t recognize the moment until after it’s passed. In this brief you will discover how to identify strategic inflection points and how you can best seize these opportunities.

Strategic Loyalty: Time to Start at the Top, Not the Bottom
By avoiding pitfalls and conducting a critical analysis of what loyalty can truly do for a business, loyalty can be deployed as a sustainable differentiator and source of competitive advantage — even in today’s crowded marketplace.