Our Expertise

Strategy, technology and loyalty experience create an integrated market-ready solution. We focus on linking purchase data with consumer understanding and integrating a direct-to-consumer loyalty program that allows you to track movement at the individual consumer purchase level. Precise data will show you why changes are happening and will allow you to customize your efforts. A robust loyalty program will give you the additional tools to better understand and engage your best consumers at critical points throughout their journey.

By leveraging online, mobile, social, point-of-purchase and product packaging, our solution allows you to tie data and insights from every point of interaction your consumer has with your products and brand. We integrate our loyalty capability suite with a competitively differentiated dataset to provide you with a more complete view of your customer to engage them in a measurable and impactful way.

Our leading programs share our proprietary Code-In-Pack formula of operation:

  • Patented approach to loyalty for code management
  • Consumers access codes when they purchase the product
  • Codes are entered electronically, converted into points or credits and stored in member accounts
  • Points or credits can then be used to acquire rewards and drive engagement

With our strategies you can build trust and direct relationships with your most committed consumers, by better engaging them throughout the purchase lifecycle.  You understand their preferences, track their purchasing, guide their interactions, provide them with relevant offers, and then measure the effectiveness of each of your efforts. This will help you up-sell, cross-sell and drive repeat sales to ensure your program delivers ROI.

Aimia’s technology allows you to provide more relevant offers and promotions to your best consumers, delivering them added value for every purchase they make. Combined with our extensive experience building partnerships and coalitions, we help you provide your best customers with high value rewards at a fraction of their retail price.