At Aimia we believe informed, passionate and properly trained employees are your greatest asset.  Your employees’ enthusiasm for your brand, excitement for their role and sense of belonging leave a positive impression on every person who comes into contact with your business and creates a competitive differentiator for your brand.

Our experienced team develops Communications Strategies to engage and inspire your employees to deliver a consistent brand promise to customers.

We unlock powerful insight to create meaningful marketing communications programs than run the gamut from simple campaign communications to generate enthusiasm and participation in your meetings, conferences, events and incentive programs, through fully integrated online, print, mobile, social, paid media, social media and virtual communications to launch a new product, program or process.

Aimia's communications plans leverage the loyalty lifecycle to deliver persuasive communications and incentives proven to lead employees and participants through progressive stages of commitment to the organization. As participants advance through each stage of the loyalty lifecycle, their engagement increases measurably and their lifetime value to the organization grows substantially.

Our campaigns are designed to:

ATTRACT. Create awareness and interest in your initiative.

MOTIVATE. Provide training, reinforce program rules, and promote program benefits.

ACHIEVE. Provide guidance and status on accomplishments.

CELEBRATE. Recognize and reward accomplishments.

PROMOTE. Recognize and leverage the excitement of successful participants.

Our campaigns are supported by communications planning and in-house design, editorial, mobile, social, virtual and media planning expertise.

We offer full-service training for your product, process or program initiative and design effective curriculums and training for your employee initiatives.

Our solutions are based on our Proprietary Positive Engagement model, with a focus on Mastery as the way to prepare your employees to succeed.  This goes well beyond a “training program” to offer integrated solutions.

The Aimia performance improvement team is degreed, certified and award winning in the channel space. We provide the right tools to help your employees succeed; rewarding those who excel is at the forefront of our thinking. We combine our full suite of services to offer a curriculum targeted toward your team and your goals.