A motivated and engaged frontline employee can be the competitive differentiator your brand needs. That’s why we have developed a proprietary Positive Engagement Model focused solely on creating a stronger, more profitable relationship between your brand and the people who represent you.

Researched and validated, this proprietary model defines the six factors that contribute to an effective team:

  • Well-Being … This serves as a foundation for superior performance. Well-Being represents optimum health and work-life balance. If the goal is to build a thriving workplace, it stands to reason that feeling fit physically and mentally will set the stage
  • Appreciation … Enthusiasm and optimism bring energy to a business, and expressions of appreciation reinforce the unique value each person offers. It’s also about experiencing gratitude, which nurtures a strong service orientation
  • Connection … Relationships are the thread that link employees to each other as well as to the business. Healthy internal relationships also contribute to healthy customer relationships
  • Mastery … In a rapidly changing environment, employee skill building and personal development ensure that the business can grow and change over time. Expertise also contributes to Innovation and propels the organization into positive cycles of change
  • Innovation … Creativity is required to solve today’s problems and to build a vision for the future. It also fosters openness and diversity
  • Achievement … Courage often is overlooked in business, yet it provides the needed push for taking risks and experimenting with new ideas and opportunities

We design our employee reward, recognition, communications, training and event programs around the principles of this proprietary model.

In consultation with your teams, we discuss goals and customize the program design. We follow a process flow beginning with insights – design – execution – evaluation - and measurable results.

Our engagement programs drive your employees to perform at higher levels, stay dedicated contributors, and become advocates of your company. Our  proven expertise helps to design the right strategy - to create a network of enthusiastic employees who are raving advocates for your brand.

Positive Engagement Model

Aimia applies decades of engagement experience and science to help companies transform their employees into highly motivated, emotionally connected brand advocates.

We recognize that no two clients are the same. Our innovative Engagement Platform is flexible so you can configure your program to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Our proprietary Engagement Platform hosts over 250,000 users including many fortune 1000 clients in the High Tech, Telecommunications, Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries. This technology allows you to:

  • Manage recognition and incentive efforts easily and efficiently via our web-based portal
  • Reward positive behavior, increase brand recognition and awareness
  • Expand as your company’s needs grow. The platform’s core functionality offers the flexibility to integrate new modules as your programs evolve

We have designed our Engagement Platform with a configurable architecture that provides flexibility to include the modules needed for each engagement and recognition program. This permits quick program setup with the ability to configure how the program works to meet various business needs.

Aimia’s proprietary Engagement Platform allows you to:

  • Launch your engagement program quickly with minimal setup costs
  • House fragmented programs in one comprehensive site
  • Brand your website with corporate logo and color palette
  • Establish user roles with unique site views and access
  • Communicate dynamically with your participants, multilingually
  • Offer culturally relevant awards through a global catalog
  • Track and measure ROI through flexible reporting and dashboards
  • Easily evolve and grow your programs over time

This powerful technology will help you engage and inspire your employee teams today, and expand to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Contact us for a demo.

Aimia has been in the reward and recognition program business for more than 70 years. Starting with The Gold Bond Stamp program whereby consumers accumulated stamps, we have operated virtually every type of employee recognition program imaginable. Today, the basic goals of reward and recognition programs are still the same but technology has significantly changed the way programs are implemented and rewards are fulfilled.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs, with market-leading tools that are flexible and configurable:

  • Rewards Catalog - Our online catalog is a dynamic reward platform
  • Merchandise Rewards - Aimia offers merchandise options ranging from the latest office technology to popular athletic equipment
  • Gift Card Rewards – We have hundreds of merchant retail gift cards to choose from
  • Individual Incentive Travel –Voucher from the online catalog can help participant realize travel goals
  • Optional Cash-Like Reward Options - Every time winners pull out their card, they are reminded of where the rewards came from
  • Proprietary Award-Winning Card Products – Aimia offers open acceptance (unfiltered) and filtered prepaid reward cards with steer redemption toward particular merchants or categories

At Aimia we are committed to building programs that instill trust and long-term loyalty to increase revenue-generating purchases. Our industry experts work with you to implement strategies designed to increase efficiency to minimize your workload and drive greater return on investment.   

Our teams apply expertise, data and analytics to provide proven solutions.  Moreover, we know we may need to react to changes in the overall economy, your industry or your organization and are prepared to do so. Our Program Managers ensure programs are launched on time and within budget utilizing a series of specific tools including:

  • Kickoff Meeting and Timely Stakeholder Update Meetings
  • Project Plan
  • Team Status Meetings
  • Conference Reports
  • Status Reports
  • Validation Process
  • Change Management Process
  • Escalation Process

Aimia has a flexible approach to serving clients.  We leverage project management processes based on some of the world’s most vetted standards including Six Sigma and ISO.

In consultation with you, we work to establish value and service performance to ensure client and participant satisfaction. Solid time and fiscal management measures are important elements of a successful project management program.

Our goal in staffing and management is to maximize resources, minimize cost and provide our customers with the most relevant level of support.

In today’s world of increasing product parity, it’s your employees who can create a differentiating customer experience to separate your brand from the pack. Our focus at Aimia is to uncover the insights that motivate your employees to put your brand over the top.

We do this through analytics that support feed award-winning employee engagement strategies.

Aimia has extensive global experience in analytics focused on our proprietary Positive Engagement Model. Aimia can apply proprietary ECHO scoring to determine the effectiveness of your employee engagement initiatives through the lens of our proprietary Positive Engagement Model.

In fact each year we conduct loyalty analytics for more than 50 clients in more than 10 industries. We excel at finding personalized, robust insights to tackle our client’s business challenges.

Beyond this methodology we can provide full reporting features, analysis processes and program improvement strategies through a proven analytics toolset that includes:

  • Reporting, Dashboards and Performance Scorecards
  • Campaign Execution and Analysis
  • Economic Modeling and ROI Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Digital Analytics
  • Predictive and Segmentation Modeling
  • Program or Portfolio experience mapping and improvement recommendations

Through an initial discovery and objective-setting discussion, we can help you to develop a customized Measurement and Analytics Roadmap to focus on your specific business objectives.

As your partner we can help you retain, inspire, increase the performance of your employees – to deliver a customer experience that separates your brand from the competition.