At Aimia, we help you create sustainable and profitable relationships with your channel networks through an understanding of the drivers of loyalty.

Our programs drive your channel partners and business customers to sell more, stay with your brand longer, and invest more in your success.

Through proven strategy, analytics, communications and awards, innovative technologies and scalable global solutions, we help you drive improved performance through each of your channels and achieve business objectives.

Our focus on an effective loyalty strategy begins with a proven strategic planning methodology designed to create a comprehensive plan to address your business need. We leverage our proprietary Relationship Strength Indexing (RSx) methodology to measure the strength of relationship that your partners and business customers have with your brand in three dimensions:

  • Trust
  • Alignment
  • Commitment

And we design award-winning programs from our findings. Our programs dynamically create, launch, communicate and track event, incentive, reward, recognition and training programs that build stronger relationships with your channel partners and business customers

We firmly believe that business results are a function of stronger relationships between you, your channel partners and your customers. Let us help you create loyalty in your relationships through strategies that work.

Aimia has been in the reward and recognition business for more than 70 years.  Today we fulfill more than 5 million award units per year and we’ve launched and maintained more than 500 award websites. We offer more than a one-size fits all catalog with thousands of items that are updated daily to offer the best selection to participants.

We believe the right reward mix is critical to effective engagement. We begin by understanding the unique needs of your channel to create a mix of engaging rewards, offers and delivery mechanisms. With your partners in mind, we can develop a rewards strategy selecting from a range of gift cards, experiential rewards, charities, value partnerships, merchandise and prepaid cards.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs, with market-leading tools that are flexible and configurable:

  • Rewards Catalog - Our online catalog is a dynamic reward platform
  • Merchandise Rewards - Aimia offers merchandise options ranging from the latest office technology to popular athletic equipment
  • Gift Card Rewards – We have hundreds of merchant retail gift cards to choose from
  • Individual Incentive Travel –Voucher from the online catalog can help participant realize travel goals
  • Optional Cash-Like Reward Options - Every time winners pull out their card, they are reminded of where the rewards came from
  • Proprietary Award-Winning Card Products – Aimia offers open acceptance (unfiltered) and filtered prepaid reward cards with steer redemption toward particular merchants or categories

In consultation with you we have the experience and toolsets to create a program that engages, motivates and drives results for you, your channel partners and your business customers.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs, with market-leading tools that are flexible and configurable. Click here to learn more about our Rewards Platform.

At Aimia we are extremely proud to have established a client tenure of 17 years. We have gained the trust and confidence of these valued clients through flawless execution in each of our core offerings.

As much as we base our solutions on research—data and analytics—we know this is a “human” business.  Our program management approach is based on partnership and encourages full disclosure and open, honest communications with your stakeholders. We will solicit your feedback informally and formally to ensure we are delivering what we promised, as we promised. Our goal is to increase efficiency, minimize your workload and drive greater return on investment.

Our Program Managers ensure programs are launched on time and within budget utilizing a series of specific tools including:

  • Kickoff Meeting and Timely Stakeholder Update Meetings
  • Project Plan
  • Team Status Meetings
  • Conference Reports
  • Status Reports
  • Validation Process
  • Change Management Process
  • Escalation Process

Aimia uses project management processes based on some of the world’s most vetted standards including Six Sigma and ISO. In consultation with you, we work to establish value and service performance to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Solid time and fiscal management measures are important elements of a successful project management program. Our goal in staffing and management is to maximize resources, minimize cost and provide our customers with industry leading support.

We believe relationships matter. We’ve built a proprietary methodology designed to measure, prove and improve the strength of the relationship you have with your partners and business customers.

Relationship Strength Index, or RSx, is our proprietary tool designed to evaluate the impact any particular engagement has on your partner or customer relationship, and the degree to which improved relationships lead to better business outcomes. Using RSx, we can focus on strategies and program design features that ensure your channel customers will sell more, stay with your brand longer, and invest more in your success.

Analytics guide our upfront and ongoing relationship-building decisions to support program design, messaging, planning and improvement and we leverage a full suite of analytic offerings:

  • Reporting, Dashboards and Performance Scorecards
  • Campaign Execution and Analysis
  • Economic Modeling and ROI Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Digital Analytics
  • Predictive and Segmentation Modeling
  • Customer Valuation
  • Communications & Acquisition Campaigns


Program Analytics and Post Campaign Tracking & Reporting

Successful programs embrace program- and member-level analytics to understand the performance drivers and to influence profit-driving sales behavior.  In partnership, our experts work to develop a customized Measurement and Analytics Roadmap to establish appropriate on-going program management.

We have developed a three-stage approach to ensure delivery of comprehensive, relevant and actionable loyalty analytic solutions.

  • Create Analytic Architecture
    • Jointly Define Scope
    • Design Strategic Roadmap
    • Create Staffing Plan
    • Establish Budget
  • Build Foundation
    • Assemble Data Sources
    • Build Database
    • Design & Build Reports
    • Formulate Key Analyses
  • Deliver Value
    • Glean Insights
    • Make Recommendations
    • Improve Effectiveness
    • Inform Program Strategy

Our world-class analytics teams are focused on real results, with tool sets to analyze your programs, portfolio of programs, and specific deliverables within your programs to establish on Return on Engagement and Return on Investment.